Why Sweat?

Why Sweat?

Your body is a brilliant machine that works overtime filtering out toxins and foreign invaders in order
to keep your whole system in a state of harmony. However, stress, exposure to city pollutants, pesticides & heavy metals can overburden your bodies
ability to detox & replenish.That’s why you need a good, healthy sweat at City Sweats! So what are the benefits? Here we GLOW….. Far Infrared saunas use
heat and infrared light waves to heat the body deeply in order to release stored toxins more efficiently than traditional saunas.
Up to 7 times more efficiently to be exact!


Health & Vitality

-Calms blood pressure and cholesterol levels
-Improves circulation
-Normalizes blood sugar levels
-Preventative health maintenance
-Decreases inflammation and stored toxins
-Boost Immune System



- Cellular Level Rejuvination
- Detoxifies the body 7x more efficiently than traditional saunas and helps to replenish the body back to a state of harmony.


Skin Benefits

-Expels “wrinkle-causing” free radicals
-Increases cell turnover
-Balances skin-tone
-Hydrates dry skin
-Offers an overall youthful glow!


Weight Management

-Releases excess water weight & toxins
-Burns up to 900 calories per session
-Increases metabolism


Stress Management

-Calms the mind
-Increases mental clarity and may help lift “brain fog”
-Decreases Cortisol levels and increases Serotonin levels


Pain Management

-Far-infrared light waves increase the flow of nutrients to the joints, muscles and tissues increasing mobility.
-Cellular rejuvenation and vitality
-Loosens stiff muscles
-May help reduce side-effects of chemotherapy
-May help reduce Fibromyalgia symptoms


When To Sweat

Max Benefits: sign-up for a sweat package and sweat up to 1x a day!
Date Night: share a cabin with your “hot” date!
Get Beach Body Ready: by using our Infrared Saunas to shed up to 900 calories per session
Girls Night Out: Friends that glow together, stay together!