Infrared Wrap

Infrared Wrap


Why Wrap it Up?

Infrared Sauna wraps help the body expel toxins on a deep, cellular level! Increasing circulation, calming inflammation and pushing out deep-seeded toxins from the body. All while enveloped in Infrared warmth! Burn up to 900 calories, improve your cardiovascular health and get ready to glow from the inside- out!


Wrap Specifications:

Heat Zones: One heating zone

Display: 1-9 level

Control: White color handle held controller

Voltage: 100-120 Volt

Wattage: 350-420 Watts

Amps: 4-5  Amps

Timer settings: 1 hour

Temp settings: 20-80 degree C

Electrical field: Low EMF

Warranty: 1 year

Size: 180 x 108 cm


The Goodies in the Box:

  • Wrap

  • Control panel

  • Power supply cord

  • Wrap connecting cords


*allow up to three weeks for delivery

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