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Alkaline Water Program

Benefits of Alkaline Water:


It’s true what they say, “Water is Life”. However, the water that streams through our taps or found at the local grocery store are void of all the natural “life energy” that once was considered an essential part of our human existence.  

Here at City Sweats, we take our water very seriously and to prove our loyalty to providing our clients with optimal health, we are NOW offering Kengan Alkaline water to our guests throughout their services.


Water ionizers have been used in Japan and other parts of Asia for over 40 years and are certified by the Korean and Japanese Ministries of Health as an approved medical device.


Ionized water has also helped millions of people reverse chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, inflammatory conditions, fatigue, weight problems, cancer, acid reflux,  chronic pain, chronic fatigue among other ailments.


Why we chose the Kangen and what does it mean for our guests?

1. Alkaline water rids the body of acidic waste: Science has shown that when the body is overly acidic, it creates an inflammatory response which is the ideal environment for disease to flourish however, disease cannot flourish in an alkaline environment.

2. Drink a major dose of antioxidants: Drinking a glass of alkaline water is essentially drinking a glass of antioxidants.

3. Alkaline water energizes the mind/body

4. Alkaline water hydrates the body 6x more effectively

Ready to STEP UP YOUR DETOX GAME and take antioxidant-rich alkaline water home with you? Then join our Alkaline Water Program:


THE HYDRA-PUNCHCARD: 10-gallon punch-card: No expiration= $24.99 per 10-gallon


THE 30 DAY QUENCH: 30 Day unlimited special: $34.99


THE AQUA UNLIMITED: Unlimited 1 year special: $229.99


So come in, sweat out toxins and replenish with an endless supply of antioxidant rich,  alkaline water! Courtesy of your wellness tribe at City Sweats!

*Alkaline Water Program subscribers must provide their own gallon water vessels.


Now serving in our Wallingford Location.