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About City Sweats City Sweats is Seattle’s Infrared Sauna Lounge where urbanites can find serenity in solitude or share a cabin with a friend in their very own private infrared sauna cabin. Explore our detox healing modalities with a Sauna Wrap, Lymphatic Drainage, Organic Facial, Organic Massage or the brilliant non-invasive science of making fat cells literally melt away with Ultrasonic Cavitation. Do you need guidance on your path to whole-health wellness? We have an in-house Wellness Coach and Ayurvedic Consultant to help you feel your best! All treatments utilize the bodies own ability to heal holistically through its very own filtration system. “When we sweat, we allow the body to replenish itself by reviving a sluggish circulatory system and by stimulating a lymphatic drainage response. All of which allows nutrients to flow and toxins to be expelled”. Most treatment rooms offer complimentary music + movies or simply relax to our spa radio and aromatherapy room mist. We offer complimentary alkaline water and chilled tea and orange slices after your service in our spa lounge. Refresh your mind + body with the ancient art of “sweating it out.”  

Now Sweating in Two Seattle Locations:

Refresh your senses at our NEWEST Wallingford location-

On The Shores of Lake Washington’s Madison Park location-


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