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The Team

Dee, NAFC – Founder

Wellness comes naturally to Seattleite Dee Alams. Raised on her mother’s crafted whole food diet and inspired by her father’s naturopathic medicine, she has always taken care of her body. As a teenager, she chartered her own health path, taking up dance. Her previous corporate experiences ranged from engineering to fashion. Finally, she realized that dance, fitness, health and wellness were more than passions.

In 2010, Dee officially opened a dance studio in Seattle. Earning her wellness and fitness certification, she was drawn back to early introductions to sweat lodges, steam rooms and saunas. She rediscovered sweating as a transformative experience of the body and mind. Aiming to amplify the healing that clients gained from dance, she introduced an infrared sauna to the studio in 2010. Due to the lack of infrared therapy available in the Seattle area, Dee had new clients coming from nearly 50 miles away, seeking infrared therapy to help them with problems ranging from mood disorders to debilitative diseases. The deal was sealed as Dee witnessed multiple client transformations, including her own in 2013 when she was severely injured and infrared sweat therapy expedited her recovery. It was then that the entrepreneur pivoted out of sweating through motion into sweating through therapy.

In 2014, Dee introduced infrared therapy to the masses by opening City Sweats Wellness Centers’ Madison Park location. Offering Infrared Sauna Therapy, Ultrasonic Cavitation Shaping, Lymphatic Drainage Treatment, Detox Facials and Scrubs, and Rehabilitative Massages, the center was a first of its kind in Seattle. Bringing new value to the city, Dee was able to open a second center in the Wallingford neighborhood in 2017, adding Acupuncture and Wellness Coaches to its specializations. Personal passion has grown into a movement, as Dee empowers others to take control of their cellular level health!

Kundini Funk, QRA, CMT, CYT – Manager, Acupuncture Specialist

Kundini is a Wellness Practitioner with a focus on facilitating Natural and Vital Health. Her practice focuses on the innate elements of nature which govern balance within. She is certified in Classical Five Element Acupuncture and Quantum Reflex Analysis. She is further certified  in Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultation with a speciality in Pancha Karma and massage therapy.


Anjelika Nater Frye – Concierge

Anjelika’s enthusiasm for vitality, love, people, and the beauty and service industries allow her to excel and delight in her work as a concierge. She enjoys catering to each one of our clients and spontaneous dance parties.

Shirley Faure, RN – Ultrasonic Cavitation Specialist

Shirley joined us after being a client and loving the services. After many decades of having a successful career as a Registered Nurse, she retired in 2015. Receiving her certification in ultrasonic Cavitation, her focus remains assisting people in health and wellness. Her work of performing detoxification fulfills her. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and chasing after her rescue Miniature Australian Shepherd.



Maia Willow, LE – Facial Specialist

Maia’s passion for skincare and wellness runs deep. Her journey began in holistic skincare after struggling with skin issues of her own. She realized that a balanced mind, body and soul are directly linked to healthy skin. Maia received her Esthetics Degree at Gary Manuel Aveda Institute. As a holistic esthetician, she enjoys genuinely connecting with people on a deeper level, personalizing the experience with different healing and balancing techniques, such as utilizing crystals, massaging pressure points, and customizing her own products for each client.


Kanna Toguchi, IMT – Massage Therapist

Kanna was raised in a family where natural and holistic health were at the forefront. When chronic stress from her corporate job led to a myriad of health issues, she found a safe haven through holistic modalities such as yoga and massage, and experienced profound shifts in her overall well-being. Earning her certification in Samarya Yoga Teaching, Kanna is advanced in yoga therapy training. She brings her passion of the healing art through the ancient bodywork practice of Thai Yoga. She offers a safe container for the spheres of the mind, body and spirit to coalesce and communicate harmoniously. Kanna and her clients are nourished in sharing therapeutic healing modality.

Ashleigh Hall, CMT – Massage Therapist

Ashleigh’s love of the outdoors and open-minded thought brought her to Seattle from Florida. She graduated from Florida College of Natural Health and within her first week of school she realized she had a community and calling. Ashleigh’s favorite massage modalities include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Reflexology. She truly believes in combined health and happiness of mind and body, and often integrates techniques to work to accomplish this for her clients.



 Claudia Nistor – Concierge, Marketing

After over more than a decade of working in the corporate design world, Claudia came to us to find her place in the holistic wellness community. When she isn’t working in marketing from everything from our website to social media, you can find her connecting with our clients as a concierge.

Lauren Chambers, CHC – Health Coach, Marketing

Lauren Chambers is a Certified Holistic Health Coach accredited through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is also a food and culinary nutrition blogger for SoFreshNSoGreen.
Through her nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching, she provides clients with tools, strategy and support to take real action, create empowering habits, get long-lasting results, and improve their health, happiness and quality of life.

Ashlei Cooper, MS – Concierge, Marketing

Making a cross-country move from Chicago to Seattle while simultaneously leaping into entrepreneurship, Ashlei came to us seeking balance. She wanted to tap into her interest in wellness as she re-imagined her ideal workday. Serving as a concierge, you can also find her using her communications chops through our public and media relations.