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Tips & FAQs

Everything you need to know to get you started!
What are your hours?

Tuesday-Friday: 11am-9pm,
Saturday 9am-6pm,
Sunday: 11am-6pm,
Monday: Closed.

Spa Locations

Our flagship location is on the shores of Lake Washington in the Madison Park Neighborhood or come SWEAT and enjoy our indoor sand lounge at our newly opened Wallingford spa.

Madison Park: 1928 43rd Ave E Seattle, WA 98112

Wallingford: 4222 Stone way North


Appointment Cancellation

We require 24 hour notice for appointment cancellations. Less than 24 hours will result in 100% charge of missed appointments.

How often should I sweat?

Come in and try a few sweats and simply practice listening to your body in order to gage how often you feel comfortable sweating in our infrared sauna treatments. You may find you can start with one session a week and work your way up to one sweat a day.

What should I eat before my service:


We recommend a light, healthy & hydrating meal before and after your sweat. Think fresh salads, a smoothie or a light buddha bowl!

What to Wear


Infrared Sauna Cabin:

Our cabin is private which allows our clients the comfort of wearing

yoga clothes , a bathing suit or whatever fits their comfort level in our

“clothing optional” cabin.

Sauna Wrap:

We recommend a cozy & light long sleeve shirt, long pants and socks or anything you don’t mind sweating in.

Lymphatic Drainage:

Although you will not sweat in our Lymphatic treatment,  We do recommend a cozy/light long sleeve shirt, long pants and socks for optimal comfort.

Massage and facial treatments:

We recommend wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing for facials and cavitation sessions.

How long are the Sauna, Biomat & Lymphatic Drainage appointments?


The treatments run 45 minutes long but we recommend a 15 minute post-sweat chill time in our wellness lounge. We offer complimentary orange slices and chilled caffeine-free tea after your service to help you recover like a detox-pro!

How many calories will I burn?


One Infrared sauna sweat can burn up to 900 calories in just one session!

How do you sanitize your rooms?


We use hospital-grade sterilization & a UV hospital-grade sterilization wand

All dressings are disposable.

What should I do after a sweat?

As long as you stay hydrated, you can go about your daily business after a sweat. However, to fully enjoy your post-sweat glow, we recommend taking it fairly easy for an hour or so.

How many sweats can I do in a day?

You can do up to one sweat a day. This allows your body a 24 hour turn around time to hydrate and replenish itself.

Can I share the sauna cabin?

For sure! Friends that sweat together, stay together! We can fit up to 3 guests in our sauna cabin.

What is your cancellation/late policy?

In order to best accommodate all our clients, we require 24 notice to reschedule or cancel your appointment. You can call us at 206-402-5417 or use our booking system to cancel your appointment. Late arrivals, no shows, cancels or rescheduled appointments without a 24 hour notice will unfortunately be charged 50% of the price of the service.

What do I do in the sauna?

Meditate, day-dream, read one of the magazines in your private cabin or you can listen to your music by using the cabins Blue-tooth

What if I forgot clothes to wear in the lymphatic and Sauna Wrap?

We got you covered (literally). We always have extra sets of clean, comfortable clothes to offer our guests.

Can I shower afterwards?

We provide a clean shower room fully equipped with disposable flips flops, q-tips, fresh towels, shower gel an a blow dryer!

I don’t sweat easily

That’s alright, we won’t hold it against you! Drinking plenty of water will help speed up the sweating process and sometimes it takes a couple sweat sessions to work up to a good, deep sweat!

What if heat isn't my thing?

We have organic facials, massages, ultrasonic cavitation treatments, or you can detox with our lymphatic drainage treatment or Biomat treatment.

Our Biomat treatment offer infrared heat but on a more subtle level. If sweating isn’t your favorite, but you are still curious- start with our Biomat!

How do I use a groupon, frederick, yelp coupon?

You can print or show us a screen shot during check-out!

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely. Choose between our Gift Certificate which we can email to you or come in and purchase a super sleek gift card!

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards except Amex.

Sweating benefits

“What aren’t the benefits” would be a shorter list. Check out benefits on our WHY SWEAT page.

I am pregnant

Unfortunately, We cannot offer Infrared Sauna sessions to pregnant clients. You can however enjoy a facial, massage or Lymphatic Drainage treatment.

I’m being treated for cancer

We have had many cancer patients find sweating beneficial but please consult your doctor prior to your service to make sure infrared saunas are right for you.

I have diabetes

Please consult your doctor to make sure infrared saunas are ideal for your situation.

I have a medical implants

Please consult your doctor to make sure infrared saunas are ideal for your situation.

I have heart disease

Please consult your doctor to make sure infrared saunas are ideal for your situation.

Can my child sweat?

We typically recommend children be over the age of 18 but feel free to call our spa to speak to our wellness staff to see how we may accommodate you.

City Sweats Etiquette

Can I use my party voice in the spa?

City Sweats is a “whisper only” zone.

Where do I put my used towels?

We provide a hamper in the shower room and in the hallway

Can I leave a tip for my service?

Tips are greatly appreciated and are a great karma upgrade! We can include tip to your service using all major credit cards except for Amex.

Can I chat on my Cell Phone?

Please make sure your phone is in silent mode while in the spa and lounge area.

Can I wear shoes?

We are a “no shoe zone” but don’t worry, we provide your clients with baskets for all their belongings!


Is City Sweat's Co-Ed?

City Sweat’s offers a unique co-ed, fully private sauna & spa experience.

I had a lot to drink last night, can I come sweat?

If you have been intoxicated within 24 hours of your scheduled sauna session we will have to reschedule your appointment. It can be dangerous to your health to be in an infrared sauna if you have been drinking heavily so close to your session. The body goes through an intense detoxification process during our sauna treatments and will do whatever it can to rebalance itself and return to a place of homeostasis. Alcohol in excess is a toxin in the body and when combined with dehydration and an incredibly effective sweat treatment used to push toxins from the body, you will not enjoy the results. Please refrain from alcohol use before your appointment.


Every session is a private 45 minute treatment.

We will take you back to the sauna with water. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your session. You need to be fully dressed in a comfortable long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and socks.


There is a final check-in, we’ll unwrap you from the sauna bed, and invite you to spend at least 10 minutes in our relaxation room. There is a shower available to use afterwards with clean towels provided


A revolutionary, non-invasive procedure to help shape the body, remove cellulite and excess fat and flush away toxins. Specific areas are targeted according to clients’ request. For more information, visit our Cavitation page.


 The session lasts for 45 minutes.

We will take you back to the private treatment room with water. Make sure to drink plenty of water, before, during and after your sauna.

The infrared sauna has the added option of color therapy, be sure to ask your hostess for details.

There is a shower available to use afterwards with clean towels provided.

When you’re finished with your session, we invite you to spend at least 10 minutes in our relaxation room.  .


The lymphatic drainage massage machine stimulates the lymphatic system to push toxin-filled fluid out of the body. The machine utilizes a non-invasive technique which applies pressure to various parts of the body to promote circulation. Especially beneficial for colds and infections. The machine utilizes a non-invasive technique which applies pressure to various parts of the body to promote circulation. Especially beneficial for colds and infections.


Stay Hydrated
Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sauna treatment. If you’re not sure how much water you need, try one glass of water for every 15 minutes you spend in the sauna, and/or ask the sauna attendant(s).

Hygiene & Other Clean Ideas

To keep the sauna clean, sit on a towel. The heat from the sauna opens your pores, sweating toxins out of your skin. Shower water is known to carry metals and other materials that hamper detoxification. Once your skin has cooled down, your pores will be small enough that you can wash away the toxins released onto your skin during the sauna treatment. A cool shower is most helpful for cleaning off toxins, without reopening your pores to the harsh shower water.

Listen to Your Body

Breathe deeply and slowly while adjusting to the high heat.  If you feel light headed or faint, move slowly and tell someone so you may be assisted. If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, or other heart related issues, please check with your doctor prior to use.

Ask Questions

Ambiance of the treatment can be modified to your taste: light, music, and room temperature. Feel free to ask questions about the products, procedures or expectations

Let us Know What You Need

Let us know what your goals are for infrared treatment so our trained practioners can guide you around usage and frequency of your visits. In addition we may have other treatments that may help you reach your goal. Please be sure to inform us of any medical condition or allergy concerns. Some services may have contraindications for who should receive them.


Please arrive on time so you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy your treatments, and so that those who come after you can do the same.


To avoid a cancellation fee of 50 % of the full service price, cancellations and changes to your appointment should be made at least 24 hours prior to your session. If you do not show up for your appointment you will be charged 50% of the full service price to your card on file. A visit will be automatically redeemed for late cancellations and no-shows for vouchers purchased from Groupon, Amazon Local, Yelp, Living Social, etc.

A Few Hints

Please refrain from bringing plastic water bottles into your sauna room for your own health and protection. We provide filtered water in your rooms in sustainable glass water bottles. For best results please refrain from applying lotions, oils, or other products to your skin prior to your sweat.


Gratuities are not included in service pricing.

Cell Phones

In consideration of others, please silence or turn off your cell phone before entering the spa.

We reserve the right to refuse service

Remember this is a meditative, purifying, cleansing experience, so we appreciate moderate to low volume levels and complete respect for other clients.