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Why we LOVE using Coffee Scrubs

Why we LOVE using Coffee Scrubs


Here at City Sweats, we have a love affair with good quality coffee that we use generously in our organic skin treatments and in our RAW body Scrub.

So one may ask, what is the obsession with Coffee Scrubs all about? Well aside from having a plethora of anti-oxidant properties, it’s secret weapon for anti-aging is the Caffeine content.

The caffeine helps to tighten skin which is beneficial for smoothing out cellulite.  When the stimulant is gently applied around the eyes, it will expel excess water to eliminate puffy, tired eyes.

The key is to use finely-ground,quality organic coffee to get the most benefit.

Curious? Try our Coffee Bliss with a Coffee twist scrub treatment which contains activated charcoal for an additional boost to your detox efforts.

Don’t forget to take the spa home with you and try our signature RAW coffee scrub available in our retail beauty bar!

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