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An Explanation of our Tonics

An Explanation of our Tonics

Sure taking shots of mysterious concoctions in our Tonic Bar is great fun but seriously, what are the benefits?

Our Spicy  Detox Tonic:

Cayenne, Aloe, Filtered water:

This tonic will help get your circulation & help induce sweating before your treatment.

72 Mineral Tonic:

Our 72 mineral tonic helps the body replenish the wonderful electrolytes that may have been lost in your sweat session. This potent shot helps to put the good stuff back in!


Shot In the Dark:

Our Charcoal tonic is as potent as it is mysterious looking. Charcoal can bind and pull some serious toxins out from the body such as Fluoride, Chlorine and heavy metals which are found in our drinking water.

This is a great shot to take if you have been feeling super sluggish and in need of a serious DETOX!


Warm Apple Spice:

This tonic seriously tastes like a slice of heavenly apple pie, only more detoxifying! Loaded with Cinnamon and Raw Apple Cider, this is a great shot when you want something nourishing, warm and need an immunity boost while fighting off the common cold!


Another great tonic for immune support!


Milk Thistle Tonic:

The ultimate gentle, liver detoxing tonic.


Turmeric Tonic:

Helps to reduce inflammation and aids pain relief


Artichoke Leaf Tonic:

Great for cardiovascular health and circulation

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