Why Infrared?

Dr. Oz brought an Infrared Sauna out onto Oprah Winfrey's stage back in 2009, during her Extreme Life Extension show. He explained to Oprah how the Infrared Sauna could increase longevity, burn calories, lower blood pressure, raise metabolism, and release toxins by heating up the body. Infrared Sauna is a personal sunray box, without the UV radiation; qualities we definitely appreciate here in Seattle!


Infrared saunas heat the body directly and deeply. They prompt what is called an "artificial fever" that encourages a natural healing response, detoxifying the body holistically. Daily dirt, heavy metals, bacteria, and all manner of toxins are cleansed from the system with the high temperature and dry environment of the Infrared Sauna.


There have been bathhouses and sweat lodges throughout the history of the world in a variety of cultures. In particular, the Native American Crow tribe was known to use sweat lodges in healing and meditative ceremonies. Hot stones were placed in the center of a small lodge, and water was poured over the stones to create steam that instigated the body to sweat and cleanse of all toxins. This was used for both bodily and spiritual purification. Steam is an effective way to heat up the body, open the pores and sweat out toxins. However, steam can collect the toxins and make it difficult to fully cleanse the sauna environment.


Infrared light heats up the body deep into the core, opens pores to release toxins, and stimulates immune system response; detoxifying, cleansing and warming the body to relax, let go, and heal.


Our Infrared Saunas are recommended for many things, but just to name a few:


Sweat lodges have been around for hundreds of years as a means to purify and cleanse the body. City Sweats makes this highly effective wellness regimen accessible for the city dweller.





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